Brad S. Jolly & Associates

is dedicated to providing quality legal counsel to tribal governments and instrumentalities

Brad S. Jolly & Associates are Indian law attorneys representing Indian nations and specializing in all areas of Tribal and Federal Indian law. We are determined to provide the highest quality legal representation at competitive rates to Indian tribal governments, departments, agencies, schools, and economic enterprises.

Federal Indian law is probably the most unique area of law in North America. It is complex, specialized, and deeply rooted in both history and culture. It is an area of law that is completely foreign to most attorneys and demands a full understanding of and respect for tribal sovereignty, self-government, and self-determination. While it can be easy to use such terms, only a true comprehension, belief, and commitment to sovereignty, self-government, and self-determination can provide Indian nations and their instrumentalities with the kind of legal representation they need.

At Brad S. Jolly & Associates, protecting and upholding tribal sovereignty is a fundamental value. In its practice of Indian law, Brad S. Jolly & Associates is committed to Indian nations and their interests. Our loyalty to Indian nations coupled with our dedication to the highest quality of service is what distinguishes Brad S. Jolly & Associates and its Indian law practice from many other law firms in the field. As Indian law attorneys, we approach the representation of our clients from the first principle that tribes are sovereign governments and, accordingly, strive in all of our work to strengthen tribal self-government and fight for true self-determination.

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