Enrollment And Membership

Practice Area

Enrollment and membership issues are very familiar for Brad S. Jolly & Associates's attorneys. Our attorneys have represented tribes in many enrollment and membership issues, including:

  • Representing tribes in lawsuits challenging denial of enrollment
  • Providing opinions on constitutional enrollment provisions
  • Drafting and implementing tribal enrollment ordinances and adoption ordinances
  • Defending Indian Civil Rights Act ("ICRA") suits involving enrollment

Enrollment and membership are amongst the most fundamental aspect of tribal sovereignty and self-government. While the Supreme Court has continued to maintain that tribal membership is strictly within the province of tribes themselves, there are still consistent attempts to encroach upon tribal membership issues from the outside. Whether it is a straightforward attempt to challenge a tribal enrollment or membership determination in a federal court or a state court usurping tribal authority to determine membership in Indian Child Welfare Act ("ICWA") proceedings, Brad S. Jolly & Associates consistently fights for the autonomy of tribal enrollment and membership determinations.